The way Booij Legal & Tax works


Booij Legal & Tax (BLT) believes in efficiency and transparency, without compromising either sound workmanship or precision. You can always reach BLT by e-mail or phone. BLT keeps a close eye on deadlines and ensures that prompt progress is made in your business affairs. Where appropriate, you will be given access to your digital dossier.

Booij Legal & Tax can provide assistance in Dutch and English.

After the intake meeting – which is free of charge and doesn’t place you under any obligation – Booij Legal & Tax can discuss accepting you as a client.

Booij Legal & Tax will require proof of identity, and BLT’s general terms and conditions will apply. Normally BLT works for an hourly tariff. The basic hourly rate for partners varies from € 350 to € 450. 

The above mentioned rates may be departed from – for example through the deployment of an average tariff – depending on the nature of the case, its importance and its urgency. If the case lends itself to such an approach, a fixed fee (payable in advance) or else a lower hourly rate in combination with a success fee may be agreed.

Monthly invoice
In principle, Booij Legal & Tax bills on a monthly basis with a payment term of two weeks. You will receive an itemised invoice. In many cases, Booij Legal & Tax will ask for a deposit or prepayment that will then be set off against the most recent invoice for a particular case.

The WWFT Act, confidentiality and lawyer-client privilege
In most cases, Booij Legal & Tax’ services will not involve the WWFT Act (the Dutch Moneylaundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act), because BLT normally does not advise in this field. However, should the WWFT Act be applicable after all then BLT will draw your attention to this. This may be the case for instance if BLT provides you with tax advice. In such a situation, BLT is under a statutory obligation to disclose any unusual transaction to the Financial Intelligence Unit without informing you that BLT has done so.

As lawyers, Booij Legal & Tax has a statutory duty to maintain confidentiality and BLT can invoke lawyer-client privilege if BLT is called to act as a witness. BLT is not obliged to tell the FIOD, the OM (the Public Prosecution Service) or any other authority anything about your affairs. This is why you can be assured of our discretion and confidentiality at all times when you engage BLT’s services.

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