Services for service providers

Booij Legal & Tax offers a broad range of specialised services for service providers in the financial, fiscal and legal worlds, as well as for actual or impending problems with the tax authorities or supervisory authorities, whether national or international.

Booij Legal & Tax helps accountants, administrative offices, law firms, banks, tax consultancies, trust offices/business service providers, asset management companies and their clients.

Services for law firms

Services for tax consultancies and accounting firms

Services for trust offices/business service providers

Services for Wealth Management

National services:

  • Tax litigation and cassation
  • Domestic procedure for voluntary disclosure
  • Fiscal assistance for takeover agreements, partnerships/joint ventures
  • Fiscal due diligence
  • Additional tax assessments/demands; fines/penalties imposed by the tax authorities or supervisory authorities
  • International information exchange, requests for legal assistance, tax fraud
  • Investigations by the tax authorities, the FIOD Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (moneylaundering, corruption)
  • Directors’ and officers’ tax liability
  • Settlement of liquidations, fiscal issues
  • Fiscal assistance in civil-law or criminal-law proceedings and matters of inheritance law
  • Aggressive tax planning
  • Separate private assets, residence for tax purposes
  • Substance at companies
  • MOT (disclosure of unusual transactions)
  • Second opinions
  • Legal and Tax Risk Management
  • Mediation/deal facilitation for fiscal/financial disputes between shareholders, partners, family members

International services:

  • International tax dispute resolution
  • International information exchange
  • Requests for legal assistance, tax fraud
  • Voluntary Disclosure abroad
  • Application of tax treaties
  • European tax law
  • Application of the ECHR (the European Convention on Human Rights)
  • Mutual Agreement Procedures