Legal & Tax Risk Management

It has become increasingly important for modern organisations and businesspeople to be fully informed about – and manage – the risks to their business operations. Legal and fiscal risks are an integral part of the control framework. This applies all the more to those companies that are active abroad, where (after all) legal and fiscal legislation and regulations that are often complex in nature are in force.

Booij Legal & Tax (BLT) helps directors and major shareholders, medium-sized companies and organisations, and high-net-worth families to fully understand these risks and make them quantifiable, to take practical measures and to monitor their effectiveness. BLT would be primarily advising you on company law, tax law and compliance rules.

Legal and Tax Risk Management improves the internal control of the legal and fiscal processes within the company. It will quickly save the legal, fiscal or financial department a huge amount of time, allowing them to concentrate on other important matters and the business to focus again on its management reporting system.

Booij Legal & Tax will clarify the fiscal and legal matters that are in play, helps you to choose the right advisor, and guides and monitors the whole process. Where the advisor has been asked to advise on substantive matters, it is BLT’s task to act as ‘trusted advisor’ to determine the strategy; to guide the advisors and keep them on their toes; and also to keep a close eye on the costs.

Since Booij Legal & Tax is fully aware of all aspects of the situation, BLT can manage a project in such a way that the client doesn’t need to worry about the details. It is Booij Legal & Tax’ job to only submit those decisions to him that are important, and to advise him on the best path to follow.

Practical example
A serial entrepreneur has many interests, companies and investments. He wants to concentrate on setting up new enterprises and projects. He works with various lawyers, notaries and tax consultants. He himself can no longer properly keep track of his legal and fiscal position in the various ventures. Changes are on the way: new collaborations, new financings.

So how does he keep track of things without spending the whole day on the above matters? How can he take the right decisions if he cannot keep track of the legal and fiscal impact of the various scenarios? What are all the things that he has to take into account if he wants to put a particular scenario into practice?

Booij Legal & Tax’ Legal and Tax Risk Management desk is the solution you need. BLT coordinates the legal and fiscal aspects of projects and analyses what the impact is for the entrepreneur. BLT helps him or her to make strategic decisions and to consider the various scenarios. BLT keeps the costs under control and manage projects efficiently.

The bottom line is that the entrepreneur quickly finds that he or she is spending less time and money on legal assistance and furthermore now has more control over what is going on.

Cost transparency
With Booij Legal & Tax, you sign a contract based on mutually agreed, precisely defined work, with regular settlement of these fixed costs. In this way, you will always be able to keep close tabs on your costs.